Seiko Story: 5 Reasons You Should Choose a Seiko Samurai

Seiko, which started as a small watch repair shop in Central Tokyo in 1881, is globally known to be among the most prominent makers of iconic timepieces. Since the release of their first-ever revolutionary diver watch, Seiko has left a mark in the watch industry and they continue to captivate the world by developing more awe-inspiring designs and impeccable mechanisms that can withstand deep-sea diving activities.

One of their best creations is their Seiko Samurai series. It is hard to overlook this line’s astounding features. Before we dive deeper, let us quickly learn about how it all began.


Brief History of Seiko Samurai

The first generation of Seiko Samurai was introduced in 2004 and received warm applause from watch aficionados, professional deep-sea divers, collectors, and everyone in between due to its beautiful, modern aesthetic, and functionality.

Titanium Samurai Black (SBDA001), the first version of Seiko Samurai (Source:

During that time, the Samurai model was also available in titanium materials alongside its stainless steel variants. However, the production was discontinued in 2008. Years went by and the Seiko Samurai became more and more popular.

This watch is widely regarded as one of the best diver’s watches ever released by Seiko. There is no denying that because the promising timepiece embodies all of the watchmaking principles of Kintaro Hattori.

To date, the first generation models of Seiko Samurai are already rare collector’s items bordering antique watches.

White Ninja (SNM017), the rarest version of first-generation Seiko Samurai (Source:


The edged series was then resurrected in 2017 after nine years of being discontinued. They released a limited edition of Samurai Blue Lagoon which quickly garnered global praise and acclamation.

Samurai Blue Lagoon (SRPB09)



Here are the top reasons you should add Seiko Samurai to your collection.


  1. There is a myriad of models to choose from.

One of the noticeable updates to Samurai is it makes for an impressive ensemble, but what makes it even more enticing among watch aficionados and professional divers is the wide range of design options to choose from. 

Each limited-edition Samurai model is distinct and you can surely find one that will match your personality.


  1. It has a timeless design.

Even at first glance, you can instantly notice the timelessness of the Seiko Samurai’s aesthetics. It remarkably displays the perfect balance between classic and modern. Not too big and not too small.

Another most striking and unique characteristic of Samurai is its edge-cutting shape. It is unlike other Seiko diver watches which mostly have a round shape.

Because of its versatility, you will surely find it easy to modify the Samurai watch to your liking such as replacing the bracelet with a Crafter Blue CB09 curved end rubber strapThe waffle-textured dial adds more character to the overall design. Of course, to justify its moniker, the minute hand is shaped like a sword.  

One of our divers is wearing the Seiko Samurai SRPB97, equiped with Crafter Blue CB09 curved end rubber strap.

Crafter Blue aims to continuously share their work through their youtube channel for ocean lovers so that they could show mesmerizing oceanography videos of sea divers exploring the ocean all around the world. The viewers of the channel will be able to feast their eyes on the breathtaking marine creatures contributing to the aesthetics of aquatic life.


  1. It is worth every dollar.

The best part of collecting Seiko Samurai watches is that they are worth, if not more than, every penny. Considered on par with other top dive watches in the industry, you can take advantage of its affordability. Its value is truly more than its tag price.

This diver’s watch truly lives up to the Samurai Code! It is made with high-quality stainless steel and is equipped with a 120-click unidirectional bezel. It is powered by a self-winding 4R35 automatic calibre with about 41 hours of power reserve. 

The 200m Samurai dive watch exceeds our expectations when it comes to functionality. The watch’s hour indexes and hands are applied with Lumibrite. It is long-lasting, super-bright, and completely free of radioactive substances ensuring your safety. This is very important for professional divers to track time under dark, deep-sea waters.


  1. It is durable and legible.

Durability and legibility are two of the most important aspects of a diver’s watch. Seiko Samurai is 200-meter water-resistant and has a reliable NH35 automatic movement. You can guarantee that this mechanism provides accuracy and precision. 


  1. It is versatile in terms of usage.

Diver’s watches are not just for divers anymore. Seiko watches can be used when timing other recreational activities. With its compact design, it makes an excellent choice for any occasion or even as an everyday watch. 


Seiko Samurai Models

 Old Generation 

Titanium Samurai Black (SBDA001)

Titanium Samurai Blue (SBDA003)

Titanium Samurai Orange (SBDA005)

  1. Steel White Samurai (SNM009)
  2. Steel Black Samurai (SNM011)

Black Ninja (SNM015)

White Ninja (SNM017)

Yellow Ninja (SNM019)

Orange Ninja (SNM021)



New Generation 

Samurai Blue Lagoon (SRPB09)

Samurai Blue Waffle (SRPB49)

Samurai Black Waffle (SRPB51)

Samurai Blue Waffle Pepsi (SRPB53)

Samurai Black Waffle Dual-Tone Gold (SRPB55)

Orange Samurai 2nd Gen. (SRPB97)

PADI Samurai (SRPB99)

Black & Gold Zombie (SRPC43)

Samurai Save the Ocean 1 (SRPC93)

Samurai Dawn Grey (SRPD03)

Samurai Save the Ocean 2 (SRPD09)

Reflective Gray Zimbe Samurai (SRPD13)

Samurai STO Great White Shark (SRPD23)

Samurai Hulk (SBDY043)

STO Manta Ray (SBDY065)

Black Waffle Dial (SRPE35)

White Waffle Dial (SRPE37)

STO Manta Ray 2021 (SBDY081)