Beat The Heat? Top Reasons to Switch to ROLEX RX01 Rubber Straps in the Summer

Summer is the best time of the year as you don’t need to put on the extra weight of layers to keep yourself warm, it just happens naturally. With the added heat comes added sweat. If you wear leather or metal straps on watches, you'd know how annoying the summer season can get in that area.

Besides the sweat, some of us like to go for water sports around this time of the year. Metal straps and leather straps don’t do as good in that area as well. So, what could possibly be the solution? Well, your best option seems to be the Rolex RX01 Rubber Straps. Listed below are several reasons why.


  1. Sweat Contains Salt That Can Corrode Other Strap Materials

When you invest your money in something such as a luxury watch, you want it to last. Plus, these watches are also transferred from generation to generation as family heirlooms. In order to take complete care of it, the watch needs to be protected from any kind of moisture or dampness, especially sweat as it contains salt.

You can’t stop your body from sweating. However, you can stop your straps from getting affected. Rubber is one of the most durable materials when it comes to watch straps. It does not corrode or get affected by the salt element in sweat. Therefore, you can easily wear rubber watches for sports activities, jogging, etc.


  1. Go Swimming Or Diving With Peace Of Mind

As mentioned earlier, what even is summer without water sports? Whether you're going swimming, diving, or snorkeling, there is no need to take your watch off because it needs to be protected from moisture. Since the Rolex RX01 straps are least affected by water, they can be used during all sorts of water sports.


  1. Straps That Stay In One Place

The worst part about summer is that your watch keeps slipping. Even if your watch fits you well, it’s bound to slip around the wrist when in contact with perspiration. Even so, this problem only seems to be limited to common watch materials like metal and leather.

The Rolex RX01 does not slip. Watches that are fitted sloppily appear highly unprofessional. This also goes against the ethic of luxury watchkeeping. Therefore, wear a watch that can sit in one place. Rubber straps will assist you in doing just that.

  1. Light And Comfortable To Wear

The summer season already makes you feel like you're carrying too much weight. A watch shouldn’t add any more. Metal strap watches are typically heavy. Real leather also happens to be somewhat heavy. However, rubber straps are very light as compared to the aforementioned materials.

Additionally, it’s cool and comfortable as well. The Rolex RX01 is designed in a way to remain well ventilated as well. A watch that feels fresh and crisp will also reflect the same on you.



The curved end design of these super aesthetic FKM rubber straps is a feature specifically designed for the one and only, the luxurious Rolex. With such attractive qualities and benefits, these FKM rubber Rolex straps from Crafter Blue are the best thing that a Rolex lover can come across.

Some of the famous Rolex that are compatible with the FKM rubber Rolex straps are:

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  • Rolex Explorer II 16550 & 16570
  • Rolex GMT Master I & II 16760, 16700, 16710
  • Rolex GMT Master Ceramic 116710
  • Rolex GMT Master Ceramic Jubilee 126710BLRO & 126710BLNR
  • Rolex Sea-Dweller 16600 & 16660