Crafter Blue gets ready for Black Friday: Up to 20% discounts on their best selling products

Black Friday Sales starting on

20 November 2021

Black Friday is widely considered as the “too good to be true sales day” each year. Consumers look forward to this day with the wallets full of cash to exploit the massive sale that big brands offer for their best products.

Some of them even go on to a step ahead and make their lists in advance for their favorite products that they wish to buy on a sale on Black Friday day.

This is because most of the time the items on sale go out of stock within a matter of minutes because consumers all over the world had been patiently waiting for that time when they could order their favorite item as soon as it goes on sale.

This is particularly important for customer segments of the luxury products like jewelry, fast cars, or luxury watches.

Even though the consumers usually have their best interests already sorted before the black day arrives, as a top-end brand of luxury watches and their accessories, Crafter Blue has gone one step further into realizing maximum user convenience by listing out their best selling products on their own for the valuable customers so that they won’t have to go to the trouble of searching them, noting their features and considering them for their Black Friday list.

Crafter Blue offers up to 20% off for all products. Here are the top items that Crafter Blue pointed out to be in most demand from their brand.


  1. Hyperion Ocean Chronograph

This super-efficient chronograph incorporated luxury watch from Crafter Blue is one of their best-selling products. The aesthetics and quality of a watch are incomparable to any other watch in the same price range. Having a screw-in crown for water resistance, this masterpiece comes with a unidirectional bezel and is waterproof up to 200 meters. 


Crafter Blue Hyperion Ocean Chronograph HOCSS007.M.R, the classic panda face looks so awesome.  View More Here


  1. RX01 curved end rubber strap for Rolex

Made specifically for Rolex users, the RX01 curved end rubber straps are made up of FKM rubber that is highly durable and ideal for watch straps. The straps can endure temperatures as high as 200 degrees and will easily be compatible with any of the watches from Rolex. View More Here



  1. UX03 Universal strap

Just like RX01, the UX03 is made up of FKM rubber as well, but the added advantage of these straps is that they are compatible with a variety of watches, not just a single brand. Nonetheless, the quality and benefits of these straps are nothing less than that of RX01.


Crafter Blue UX03 FKM rubber is compatible with a variety of watches. View More Here


  1. Aquanaut-style straps for Seiko SKX and Seiko Turtle

Made from high-quality rubber, the CB11 and CB12 straps are designed with an aquanuat-style looking that fits perfectly well on the Seiko dive watches. The aquanuat look is almost alligator shaped which further elevates their premium quality leather aroma. On the first gaze, one can easily grasp the vintage touch of elegance and class that suits the iconic Seiko brand. 

Crafter Blue CB12 rubber is engineered for Seiko Turtle. View More Here

 Crafter Blue CB11 rubber is engineered for Seiko SKX. View More Here


  1. Seiko rubber strap

Seiko watches are one of the famous ones ideally for water diving and ocean explorations. To equip their watches with quality straps, one can completely rely on these end rubber straps from Crafter Blue.

 Such high discounts on all these luxury products will only be available on Black Friday, meaning that you have to wait another year if you wish to enjoy such a discount from your favorite brands again. Buy here



Visit Crafter Blue today and keep an eye out for their best-selling products this black Friday.