Crafter Blue Hyperion Ocean Chronograph: explore the waters with a feasible style.

Crafter Blue collaborated with a professional diving photographer, Shelby Hands, to explore the world. The collaboration holds significance to the company because the latest Hyperion ocean chronograph pays tribute to the magnificent waters. Therefore, the team has just explored the vast, beautiful Lake Crescent in the state of Washington.

The breath-taking waters of Lake Crescent

The Lake Crescent is nearly eighteen miles west of Port Angeles. The lake held its stunning beauty due to its isolation from a gigantic landslide about seven thousand years ago. 

In addition, it is 190M deep, with an annual temperature of 6 degrees, and a glacially carved lake with crystal clear and cerulean waters. The low nitrogen concentration prevents the growth of algae in waters.

Thus, it makes it an uber-clean, transparent water body-a serene spot to recharge your batteries.

Divers, ocean explorers, and underwater photographers experience exhilarating views and beautiful marine life. They dive with the latest Crafter Blue Hyperion Ocean Chronograph. No doubt, the sleek watch designs compliment the incredible Lake Crescent experience. 


Crafter Blue watches and maritime homage: launch of exceptional Hyperion Ocean Chronograph

The recent Hyperion watch holds deep-seated sentiments and the essence of incredible oceans, awe-inspiring marine life, and the importance of water bodies. It pays tribute to the historical creations of the oceans, the existence of underwater life, and the ocean explorers.

Hyperion Ocean Chronograph HOCSS007.M.R

Crafter Blue Hyperion Ocean Chronograph HOCSS007.M.R

Crafter Blue collaborated with a diver photographer to bring attention to the stunningly clear water of Lake Crescent. It is one of the top most startling sights in the world.

Therefore, the watch comes with top-notch functionality, features to ensure durability, and design sophistication to stay ahead in the competitive market. The lavishly unique design is for watch fashion enthusiasts and water lovers to make their experience as spectacular as the astounding clarity of Lake Crescent waters.