Crafter Blue Traveler’s Watch - Bon Voyage Enamel White

Style is key, right? You don’t want your watch to just tell time while you’re having the time of your life making new memories. A watch has much more to it than just telling time. It is the most quintessential accessory a person can carry, more like a statement. A statement you can make everywhere you travel north to south, east to west.

Crafter Blue Traveler’s Bon Voyage won’t bring you down, literally. It’s light weight built makes sure you are not carrying the world on your wrist. With just the right thickness and medium size, this watch is truly an all rounder. Be it a travelling adventure, your daily walk at the park or routine going to work our all rounder watch has got your back.

So if you want to be more than just any other watch, search no more. We have exactly what you need. Presenting our newest traveler’s watch, the beautiful Bon Voyage. The watch as the name itself says will ensure that you have a stupendous journey while you are wearing it. Let’s see what more Crafter Blue Traveler’s Bon Voyage watch has to offer.

Meca Quartz Movement

This watch is built on a hybrid design model, having a quartz core with meca quartz movement making it exceptionally accurate and a mechanical chronograph feature to be operated by hand which will function as a stop watch. The hybrid model of this watch provides you with the best of both worlds i.e. being automatic and self regulated at the same time.

12- Hour Bezel Watch

This watch has a unique 12-hour bezel making it possible to keep tabs on two time zones at once. A dream come true for a traveler. You just have to rotate the bezel and set it to your desired time zone so very conveniently. You can be in two time zones at once thanks to the 12-hour bezel feature of Crafter Blue Traveler’s watch the Bon Voyage.



Signature Panda Face Enameled Dial

The watch’s unique dial resembles the characteristic black and white face of a panda making it suitable for exotic journeys full of adventure. The dial of this watch is enameled. Enameling is a procedure in which a thin layer of coarsely ground metal is infused with the glass making it incredibly classy one of a kind watch. The overall dial finish is astoundingly beautiful truly a statement piece.


Dual Straps

This watch set comes with not one but two strap styles to cater your needs. A rubber strap fit for all adventures. Both the straps are designed with quick release spring bars to make the transition between straps seamless, tool free and hassle free.