Crafter Blue TS01 FKM Rubber: The Perfect Strap for Your Tissot PRX 40mm

In the dynamic world of wristwatches, Tissot PRX has emerged as a symbol of sporty elegance at an accessible price point. Building upon the success of the PRX series, Crafter Blue introduces the TS01 FKM rubber strap, a thoughtful accessory designed specifically for the Tissot PRX 40mm series.

Unveiling Tissot PRX: A Wider Perspective

A Widening Case Design

The Tissot PRX case is a masterpiece of design, widening towards the bracelet to seamlessly integrate the two elements. The absence of lugs creates a distinctive look, relying on a straight case edge that smoothly transforms into the bracelet's first link.

Slim Aesthetics

One cannot overlook the slim profile of the PRX, enhanced by the proximity of the hands to the upper crystal. The bezel, thin, curved, and meticulously polished, forms a perfect circle, defining the watch's oval identity.

 Dial Sophistication

Delving into the details, Tissot has adorned the PRX collection with dials featuring sophisticated textures like sun-brushing and vertical-brushing. These textures echo the finishing on the case and bracelet, creating a harmonious visual appeal.

 Mechanical Marvel

The PRX collection caters to both quartz and automatic enthusiasts. The PRX Automatic, in particular, boasts a Powermatic 80 movement, providing an impressive 80 hours of power reserve and the Nivachron™ balance hairspring, ensuring exceptional antimagnetic performance.

Crafter Blue TS01 Strap: Elevating Style and Comfort

High-Quality FKM Rubber

Crafted from high-quality FKM rubber, the TS01 strap by Crafter Blue is a testament to durability and comfort. This makes it an ideal companion for the Tissot PRX 40mm series, enhancing both style and wearability.

Perfect Fit for PRX40mm 410/407

Tailor-made for Tissot PRX40mm 410/407, the TS01 strap seamlessly integrates with both quartz and automatic versions, offering a unified aesthetic.

Striking Design Details

What sets the TS01 apart is its grid pattern on the surface, aligning perfectly with the PRX dial. This attention to detail creates a cohesive and visually pleasing connection between the strap and the watch.

Metal Lug Design for a Unified Look

To match the metallic feel of the PRX, the TS01 strap incorporates a metal lug design. This not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also ensures a seamless integration with the watch itself.

Quick Release Convenience

Changing your strap to match your mood or style is made easy with the TS01's quick-release design. It provides flexibility without compromising on the overall design and appearance.

Vibrant Color Palette

Expressing personal style is easy with the TS01 strap, available in six vibrant colors: Black, Navy, Green, Grey, Turquoise, and Orange. This variety allows wearers to personalize their Tissot PRX 40mm according to their preferences.