Five Different Ways to Customize a Rolex Watch

Rolex has already been reigning supreme in the watchmaking industry for its pristine and minimalist look before luxury watches are considered. To this day, they are still on top of their game and are among the best makers of iconic luxury watch models. 

As years went by, more and more watch aficionados want to add their personal touch to these epic timepieces. Each to his own. This is understandable considering our nature to want to be different from the other.

Oftentimes, what a particular market puts on the table is not enough to please everyone’s eyes and taste. The same goes for luxury timepieces. No matter how perfect they may look and while some people are already quite content with the original forms, some people may not find these conventional pieces their cup of tea. 

This is why many collectors and watch enthusiasts opt for customization. Watch lovers can now tweak their favorite iconic timepieces according to their tastes and preferences.

Through modification and integration of variations, you get to turn your watch into something that no one has ever seen before, ergo, making it one-of-a-kind.

Individuality is something we all significantly value. When it comes to collecting Rolex watches, we understand how it can be very personal. Customization reflects your personality, character, taste, and your style.

Here are five different ways to customize and personalize your favorite Rolex timepiece.


Gem Setting

Gem setting is an art itself. If you want to make your Rolex watch stand out, you can request a highly-skilled gem setting expert’s service to put your desired metal or precious stone for your watch.


MAD Paris customized Rolex Daytona Rainbow

From stainless steel, platinum, titanium, gold, colored gems, to diamonds, you can freely choose how you want these materials to be integrated accordingly.

Customizing the gem setting offer an eternal chic look to it and even men do this to their Rolex watches. It is one of the most popular ways to personalize your Rolex. Setting it with gems can add sparkle to your piece. 

You may choose to cover your watch entirely with diamonds and the sky’s the limit!


Customizing the Dial and the Bezel

If you want to instantly make a statement and give your watch an X-factor, go for customizing your watch dial. Give it an artistic design, a striking pattern or print, a unique look, splash some attractive colors on it, and more! 

Many Rolex watch dials often conventionally come in black, blue, silver, white, champagne, or pearl. For women who are into Rolex watches but oftentimes find the designs as not too chic, customizing the dials can give them a classy, feminine vibe according to your preference. 

Alongside gem setting customization, modifying your watch dial can give it a total makeover. There are legions of firms out there who can give your dial and bezel a facelift from splashing a dash of colors to it to turning it into a full blinged-out visage with your chosen gems.


Engraving Your Rolex

Wearing a Rolex can already make you stand out, but there is always a sense of euphoria when you know for sure that the piece you are wearing is exclusive just for you.

(Source: Ablogtowatch)

One of the popular ways to personalize your Rolex is by engraving something on it that is essential to you like a name, a date, or anything.


Change the Bracelet


The simplest, but most striking way to customize your Rolex watch is by altering its bracelet. Rolex is known for its range of bracelets including metal. However, solid metal straps are not for everybody.

If you are not a fan of heavy steel bracelets on watches, you may opt for a leather strap or a high-quality rubber strap for Rolex. Gladly, there are aftermarkets that specialize in creating Rolex straps. 

Pure vulcanized rubber straps are very versatile, durable, more comfortable to wear, and are easily customizable too! Give your piece a fresh and aesthetic look by altering its bracelet, but you can still get super creative with your original metal bracelets.


PVD & DLC Coating

More and more luxury watch collectors are already into PVD & DLC coating. This is another way to customize your timepiece while protecting it at the same time. 

Bamford PVD coated Rolex Daytona 

When it comes to alteration, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) and Diamond-Like Coating (DLC) are two of the most requested processes among Rolex watch owners. 

PVD is the process of vaporizing a number of metals and binding them to a surface layer in a heated vacuum while DLC is a technique that gives the watch a metallic dark grey or a matt black color. The process for the latter is similar to how synthetic diamonds are made.