How Crafter Blue’s stylish UX03 rubber strap can give your old watch a fresh new look

As men, the number of products that you can obsess about is very limited. For 90% of the men, these choices are usually limited to three things only, their favorite sports team, a high-end car, and a vintage watch.

While this article may not be able to help you with any of your car obsessions or sports team choices, it can certainly help you give your classy old watch a fresh new look with just a minor change.

This is where we come to the crux of this blog; the latest edition rubber strap from Crafter Blue for your good old mechanical watch.

If you have a classic watch but don’t want to replace it because you like the design, the best solution for you is to get a fresh new rubber strap. It will act as a great replacement for your old and worn-out strap that makes your lovely watch look dull and old and will also satisfy your inner quest for something new on your arm.

Here’s why the UX03 is  a great choice for your old watch:

Vibrant color choice

 This high-quality genuine rubber strap comes in vibrant colors including black, orange, green, grey, and royal blue. The vibrant colors make you stand out as a fashionable, stylish, trendy individual among boring men with outdated brown and black colored leather strapped watches.

Smooth Texture

The UX03 is made of a high-quality rubber that feels soft yet sturdy when you put it on your wrist. Not only is the strap soft, durable, and flexible, but it's also super stylish and goes with different dressing styles to suit your personality for every occasion.

Curved End finishing

The curved ends of the strap fit flawlessly on any wrist to instill a sense of comfort that a normal strap can just not provide.

Apart from adding to the aesthetic look of your vintage watch, the curved ends make it easier to fit on your wrist and allow you some flexibility so that you can put it on or take it off without having to unfasten the clasp every time.

Brushed 316L stainless steel 

The buckle type for this type is as good as they come with the material type being stainless steel with a choice to upgrade it to PVD Black or Yellow Gold depending on your choice.

Sleek design, breathable hole size

The exhilarating smooth surface of the strap is complimented by two equally spaced straight lines on both sides and the precisely punched 15 resistant pin holes exhibit the excellence of craftsmanship that put together these beautiful straps for watch lovers around the world.

These amazing stylish rubber straps are still available at a 15% discount at Crafter Blue.


Since they have been launched a while ago, the discount may be going away really soon, making this the ideal time to add a bit of style and color to the strap collection.