Rolex Watch Replacement Bands: What You Need to Know

Having a luxury watch collection has a value of its own and Rolex watches are among the most reliable, prestigious, and high-precision timepieces across the globe. Watch lovers go above and beyond when it comes to purchasing a luxury watch as an investment or for personal reasons. 

Arguably the top favorite and trusted watch brand, owning a Rolex watch require great attention and care. One of the things that collectors do is to alter the bands. 

Like the product itself, it is equally amazing that there are Rolex bands available to replace your watch according to your preference from its original bracelet to leather straps, rubber, bands, and more other options.

In this blog, we are going to list down all the things that you need to know when it comes to altering your straps and the best choices in the market today.

Altering the Band or Bracelet

Changing the straps or the bands of your Rolex watch collection is a personal choice. Undeniably, the bracelet is an important part of a watch’s look, fit, and even characteristic. 

Let’s uncover more about the reasons collectors choose to change their straps.


Reasons Collectors Opt to Change Their Rolex Bracelets


Rolex collectors know exactly that changing the band is not easily and readily available and can be really quite costly. This is the line where the Rolex straps aftermarket started to grow in the past few years due to an increasing amount of demand for straps that are not just excellent in quality, but offer practicality.

As abovementioned, the cost of Rolex bracelets can be very expensive. One of the top reasons Rolex owners go for aftermarket straps is because they are affordable. Along with this practicality, these straps offer exactly what they need. 

For the protection of the original bracelet

Another reason Rolex watch owners alter their bracelets is to protect the original bracelet. This is a very smart way to make sure that the valuable piece won’t get damaged over time especially if you are using the luxury watch for the most part. It can become scratched and of course, subject to wear and tear. 

When you buy a leather strap or a rubber bracelet, you get to preserve the original one in great condition. This will further help increase the value of your watch especially if it is an investment. 

Going for quality and practical aftermarket Rolex bands can save you and your luxury watch.


For comfort and convenience

On the other hand, there are buyers who alter their watch’s original bracelet because it simply is not comfortable and convenient to wear. It is easy to see why many opt for rubber straps.

If you own one of the Rolex Submariner Ceramic 116610 models and you are not a fan of the stainless steel bracelet, you can get this high-quality Curved End Rubber Strap.


For Purpose and Style

Most luxury watch collectors are fashion-forward people and it only makes sense that they would change their bracelet every now and then for purpose and style. If you are one of them, you can choose from this wide range of Rolex Strap Collection and find yourself the perfect band for every occasion.


Myriad of Color Choices

Of course, if you are both a person of style and a creative one, you would rather have a range of colors for your Rolex watches. Plus, you get to choose the perfect color that matches your personality, your style, your mood, and so on.

Many owners of Rolex Explorer II are buying Curved End Rubber Straps. The same goes with owners of Rolex GMT Master, Submariner, and Sea-Dweller models, They are all available in Green, Grey, Royal Blue, and Black. These colors are perfect for different occasions.

Here are the things you should consider when buying one.

Get the right fit. Top on the list is the right fit. If it is not compatible with your Rolex model, it is a big problem. Plus, you won’t feel comfortable and convenient with the band if it doesn’t fit.

Consider the materials. There are different materials used for Rolex band replacements. Always check the materials before purchasing one to make sure that it is in line with your preference and to ensure longevity.

Trusted and reliable Rolex rubber straps are made of pure vulcanized FKM rubber that offers superior strength and high resistance to oils and acids.

Consider the quality. Affordability and quality should go hand in hand when it comes to aftermarket bands. Make sure to check if the product is made of premium quality materials and that the price is right.