Seiko’s Limited-Edition Timepiece: The Seiko Prospex Black King Turtle SRPH41K1

Seiko as a brand is quite renowned for producing high-quality watches that follow innovation and the traditional vintage mechanical design at the same time that makes them stand out as a top-end brand with raving fans ready to buy their brand-new products year in and year out.

In alignment with their tradition of crafting new and innovative designs to quench the thirst of their loyal customers, Seiko added a new masterpiece to their Turtle product line in 2021 and they named it “Seiko Prospex Black King Turtle SRPH41K1”.

This article will shed some light on the extravagant features of SRPH41K1 but first, let us have a quick look at the history of  Seiko’s most accepted and recognized series; the “Seiko Turtle Series”.

Brief History of Seiko Turtle

Back in 1976, Seiko introduced a new series in their product line that they named “Seiko 6306A”. Seiko’s idea was to use a combination of numbers and digits as the name because they intended to launch various watches in the series consistently.

(Photo source: adventuresinamateurwatchfettling)

However, the Seiko fans took no regard for the brand’s ideas about the series name and started calling it the “Turtle” which caught fame rapidly, and soon the series started to rename as the “Seiko Turtle Series”.

Since then, Seiko has launched several watches in the Turtle series like “Ninja Turtle”, “Mini Turtle” and “King Turtle”.

The new Prospex Black King Turtle SRPH41K1 is one of the latest and a limited edition in the King Turtle family.


Seiko Prospex Black King Turtle SRPH41K1

The Seiko Prospex Black King Turtle SRPH41K1 is a true example of the marvelous design and exemplary quality of the Turtle family.

Here are some of the prominent features of this masterpiece:

  1. A powerful case that includes a 24 jewels 4R36 caliber, Seiko’s automatic and manual winding, and a power reserve of 41 hours approximately.
  2. An upgraded ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel, unlike previous models that used an aluminum bezel.
  3. A black dial complemented by a silicon band that looks aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.
  4. The first-time use of red font enhances the elegance of the overall look.
  5. An element of scarcity with only 1400 pieces available worldwide makes the piece an attractive choice for Seiko collectors.

Along with all that comes the variety of customization options for this masterpiece, with the watch band being the most prominent accessory for the customization.

A clear choice for Seiko lovers in this regard is Crafter Blue’s CB12, a watch band specifically designed for one and one watch only that is Seiko turtle.

Why Crafter Blue’s CB12 is the ideal watch band for SRPH41K1

Since the CB12 is designed specifically for Seiko Turtle, there appears to be a clear synergy in the aquanaut shaped CB12 and SRPH41K1.

Here’s why the CB12 is an ideal fit for your SRPH41K1:

  1. Pure vulcanized rubber (anti-dust, anti UV, and anti-allergic)
  2. Brushed 316L stainless steel tang buckle
  3. 15 resistant pin holes offering flexibility in length
  4. Available in a variety of colors (Black, Navy, Orange, Grey, and Green)
  5. Curved ends and smooth texture
  6. RoHS-approved

Get your CB12 for Seiko’s Prospex Black SRPH41K1 King Turtle here.