The best rubber strap for iconic Tudor Black Bay

When it comes to iconic watches, Rolex and Tudor are two of the brands that stand out amongst all.

And you know what’s more interesting?

Both Rolex and Tudor were introduced by the same person, the legendary Hans Wilsdorf.

Here’s a little about how he started Tudor.

History of Tudor

Hans Wilsdorf initially introduced Tudor in 1926 as an affordable alternative for the Rolex, with the idea to position Tudor as the producer of watches having the same characteristics as that of sibling brand Rolex but having much cheaper price points that appeal to a wider audience.

History of Tudor Black Bay

During the 1950s, when the popularity of the Rolex Submariner watches was booming, Tudor dived in with a Submariner model of their own in 1954 and named it Tudor 7922 Submariner.

(source: AP watches)

The submariner line turned out to be a massive success for Tudor and eventually became one of the most sought-after diver’s watches on the market until 1999 when it was discontinued.

Then in 2012, Tudor used the power of nostalgia by using their old “Tudor Rose” logo right before they launched the “Tudor Heritage Black Bay”, a steel diving watch with a red bezel, square-ended “snowflake” hands, and powered by ETA2824.



When they used their old logo, every watch lover instantly connected with the idea that the Black Bay is something unique, a watch that represents the renaissance of the mechanical watch period, they interpreted it as a collectible item.

After successfully securing a customer base, Tudor renewed the Black Bay with their modern logo and powered by their in-house movement. The “Black Bay” was introduced as a sports watch for modern consumers with design characteristics inspired by the iconic submariner.

The sales for Black Bay exploded shortly after as Tudor kept introducing new variants with the names like “Black Bay Blue” and “Black Bay Black” being introduced one after another each year.

Today, Black Bay has become one of the most popular sports watches out there and its accessories are an even more attractive market for customers as they love to keep shuffling the colors of bands to equip their Black Bay watch with.

One such popular choice of customers is the Crafter Blue Curved End Rubber Strap which is tailor-made for Tudor Black Bay.

Crafter Blue Curved End  Rubber Strap TD01 for Black Bay watches

Made specifically for Black Bay watch owners, the TD01 comes with a variety of features.


Here’s a glimpse at the key features of TD01:

  • Material: High quality pure vulcanized rubber that is anti-allergic anti-dust and UV resistant
  • Buckle Type: Brushed 316L stainless steel tang buckle (can be upgraded to PVD Black, Rose Gold, or Yellow Gold)
  • Strap Color: Black, Navy, Black/Red, Navy/Red, Black/Royal Blue
  • 15 resistant pin holes offering flexibility in length
  • Includes a set of spring bars
  • Compatibility: A seamless fit with enhanced comfort designed to be compatible with your Tudor Heritage timepieces like:
  • Black Bay 41 M79230N
  • Black Bay 41 M79230B
  • Black Bay 41 M79230R
  • Black Bay S&G M79733N
  • Black Bay GMT M79830RB
  • Black Bay GMT S&G M79833MN
  • Black Bay 41 S&G M79683
  • Black Bay 41 S&G M79540

Wearing a premium watch like Rolex or Tudor Black Bay surely sets you apart when you hang out with friends, sports club members, or the dive watch community, but, showing it off over and over with the same old strap can become dull and boring after a while.

Buying watch straps in multiple colors are surely the most effective and affordable way to give your watch a new look and it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg (which it surely does if you are still buying new watches instead of just replacing the strap).

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