【Gulf Coast Challenge - Crafter Blue Mechanic Ocean 300M Diver Watch】

The Gulf of Mexico is the most important offshore petroleum production region in the world. Every year it produces one-sixth of the United States' total production. The commercial divers, working on oil drilling platforms are always challenged by the very extreme environment.

Recently, the Crafter Blue Mechanic Ocean watches were taken by the commercial divers down to 1,000 feet depth. Together we performed many incredible and extreme tasks from salvaging sunken vessels, underwater bridge inspection, to platform and pipeline installations.

Although the watch makes a pretty bold statement on its own, it’s the lovely straps that do much of the talking for this new dive watch. Paired with either; blue and red or grey and orange bi-colored bezels, the straps have a striking look thanks to their contrasting undersides. Choose between blue with a red underside or grey with orange. The straps are made from Vulcanized rubber and are vented. They have also been designed with curved-ends so as to fit flush against the watch case at the lugs. In addition, they feature 15 holes, double the amount that are typically found on straps, offering increased flexibility in their length. There are a total 4 variants of the Mechanic Ocean on offer, 2 with rubber straps and a further 2 with full steel bracelets with impressive looking clasps. Special features of the Mechanic Ocean include: a left-handed crown set-up and an automatic Helium Escape Valve. Serving as reminder of the watch’s 300 meters of water-resistance and said HEV which is located at 3 o’clock, is a circular steel ring that surrounds the crystal. Further diver’s features include a large screw-down crown and case-back, a domed Sapphire crystal, and a unidirectional diver’s bezel with a green-glowing luminous 12hr pip. Complementing the bi-colored bezels and straps are a selection of texturized dials. They have BGW9 blue-glowing hands and markers.

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