Crafter Blue joins local diver group to explore the world

The adventurous human had always had a knack for discovery. Be it on an individual level or an organizational level, discovering the unknown has always been a challenge for many. We have seen TV channels that have particularly devoted their work to achieving that goal only.


Crafter Blue’s efforts for promoting Ocean exploration

Ocean exploration is one such subset of the broad pursuit of humankind to discover mother nature. Ocean photographers and videography experts plunge deep into the ocean and capture fascinating underwater beauties and bring them before the human eye to marvel at their magnificence.

Technology pioneer Crafter Blue has long been supporting sea diving and oceanography through its marvelous products and by sponsoring various oceanography projects. Their state-of-the-art products with a special emphasis on the diver watches and chronograph technology are a testimony of their crucial role in making oceanography easier for explorers and adventurers alike.


Crafter Blue collaborates with local diving club

As part of their mission to support sea explorations, Crafter Blue has recently taken the initiative to collaborate with a local diving group located at Hawaii Islands. The objective of this collaboration is to support several free divers who are part of the diver group in filming the most beautiful underwater creatures all around the world.

Crafter Blue aims to continuously share their work through their youtube channel for ocean lovers so that they could show mesmerizing oceanography videos of sea divers exploring the ocean all around the world. The viewers of the channel will be able to feast their eyes on the breathtaking marine creatures contributing to the aesthetics of aquatic life.

This youtube video is one example of the fabulous content collected via a recent shoot where the diver club in collaboration with Crafter Blue dives deep into the ocean and shows the outside world the soothing experience of what it is like to be inside the water.

Crafter Blue CB09 rubber strap engineered for Seiko Samurai


The video features the Crafter Blue Curved End Rubber Straps Engineered Seiko Dive Straps for free diving. Made from pure vulcanized rubber, these straps come with 15 resistant pin holes offering extreme flexibility in length. The variety of colors and the anti-UV, anti-dust, and anti-allergic properties of these straps make them a really attractive option for sea divers to equip their watches with.

Crafter blue plans to consistently upload similar oceanography content on this YouTube channel. Ocean lovers should make sure to subscribe to the channel to keep getting their favorite oceanographic videos in their feed and keep themselves updated on the collaboration activities and latest production information.

These hypnotic videos are a sight for sour eyes for every nature-loving individual out there. Once hooked in, one can easily count on these videos to make their day when they are having a tough time.

Click here and brace yourselves for some stunning oceanography content coming your way from time to time.