Crafter Blue Hyperion Ocean Chronograph, is it a yacht timer?

Yacht racing (also called regatta) is the oldest international sports competition that is still relevant today. The most prestigious competition in the yacht racing world is called America's cup which originated back in 1851. The competition has been named after the first-ever yacht that won the competition in 1851. Since the winning yacht was “America”, the competition has been named “America's cup”.


Yacht racing is also usually labeled as an extraordinary sport because of its unique attributes. For instance, it is a unique sport in the sense that it is played in water instead of land (where most of the other competitions take place). Moreover, the spectators of the race are individuals with unique tastes (unlike other ordinary sports enthusiasts). It is often labeled as a luxury sport whose participants are elite and spectators are astounding.


Regatta competitions are on the constant rise, being held more frequently for the last few years than they have been in the past, with yacht clubs from all over the world bringing in their marvelously designed yachts to take part in the races.


Technology inspired by a competition?

Like any other racing competition, timing is the key in yacht racing as well. A mere difference of a millisecond can be the decider between a winner and a loser. This is why a high-quality chronograph can be e a really useful asset for lovers of yacht racing.


The 10-minute countdown before the race starts is the most important part of a regatta competition when sailors need to ready themselves and get themselves into the best starting position without crossing the line.

This is where the accuracy and functionality of a high-quality chronograph come into action. This aspect of your yacht racing is quite precisely targeted by the technology pioneers at Crafter Blue who have introduced their latest edition Hyperion Ocean Chronograph, a watch that can be used quite reliably by participants and viewers alike.


The notable features of the watch include its dual color segments where the first orange segment is highly reliable for a 10-minute countdown while the fresh orange segment provides a clear vision for reading time. Along with that, the supreme design of the watch and its water-resistance feature with all buttons and crown having a screwed-in design add to its uses of water diving. Moreover, the watch includes a rotating bezel to be used as a chronograph function for diving. With its strong lumed indexes, the watch provides a clear vision of time under water.

This masterpiece of Crafter Blue has everything that checks the wishlist of watch lovers in search of a great yacht timer. This work of art is a must-have of every luxury watch lover and anyone wishing to purchase can buy it here.