The story behind Seiko NE86 / NE88 movement; the new definition of the chronograph movement

The wristwatch industry has seen a rapid advancement in the exploration of stand-out movements in watch manufacturing. The Seiko Chronograph movement was one such movement that finally struck a revolutionary change among the watch manufacturers.

The history of Seiko Chronograph movement

Chronographs had been the center of attention of watch lovers since the mid-20th century. Seiko developed its first wristwatch with a stopwatch function in 1964, for the Tokyo Olympics.

The company gained further fame in 1965, when the manufacturers at Seiko were able to introduce their first-ever diver’s watch that had the water resistance capability for up to 150 meters.

The real change however erupted in 1969, when Seiko introduced cal. 6139. This was the world’s first-ever automatic chronograph watch that was equipped with a vertical clutch as well as a column wheel. At that time, this was a real advance in the chronograph technology as the vertical clutch was a lot more effective than the traditional horizontal clutch system.

Seiko cal. 6139 (photo from )

The new movement reduced the amplitude loss and eliminated the initial stuttering of the second’s hand.  This development saw some prominent improvements in Seiko’s watches in terms of durability as well as functionality.

In recent years, some further advancements were seen in terms of the NE88 and the NE86 movements with the NE86 being the latest movements of its kind, a literal state-of-the-art.

Benefits from movement NE86

The NE86 is the most interesting movement of the chronograph. The jumping second’s hand, wearing of the center wheel and the harshest of them all, the jamming of the wheel were some of the major problems that were brilliantly solved by the movement’s designers by incorporating a vertical clutch as well as column wheel. The precision and accuracy of the chronograph in this movement are top-notch. All this adds up to making sure that the actuation of the start, stop, and return to zero functions is precise and clean. 


The left is Seiko 8r28a; the right is Seiko NE86 which is one of  the parallel models for aftermarket 


Chronograph watch and adventure

The Hyperion Ocean Chronograph is one such product enriched with all these benefits and proves to be a really promising choice for ocean lovers.

Such an extremely precise chronograph can turn out to be a real asset for adventurous individuals like ocean explorers and oceanographers. You can use it to record the time during laboratory tests, or you can use it to count down the time during yacht racing. You can even combine it with a tachymeter to calculate the distance covered in a short period of time. When not in need of the chronograph function, treat it as your time companion and wear it while you swim, snorkel, or play a water sport.

The Hyperion Ocean Chronograph contains all the subtilities of NE86 movement and maintains an aesthetically pleasing and unique shape that makes it a top choice of tech and charm for luxury watch lovers.

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